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Vocal Recording

Our selection of high performance and modern microphones produces a perfect vocal sound. More so all our Recording is done in our well treated vocal booth. We guarantee not only to provide you a commercial standard production but also an ongoing support to push your efforts to your target audience at a price that is UNBEATABLE with guarantee radio airplay and DJS CIRCULATIONS for your track to be played at gigs.


We will transform your finished track into a clean and crispy audio track that can compete against big commercial releases. Our studio room consist of a great acoustics paired up with precision reference monitors that gives absolute confidence in what you’re listening to. Our varieties of plug-in collection offers a wealth of sonic manipulation giving the mix engineer all the tools necessary to bring out the best out of your track..


Our mastering service is skill-fully engineered our in house producer from with wealth of experience to give your finished product the desired result.

DJ Booking Services

We supply the best DJ in town for people that are hosting events such as weddings, birthdays, child christening, sweet sixteen parties and corporate events.

Live Show Backing-Track Pre-Production / Mastering

We provide live shows backing mastering in our studio. Our years of experience in live sound will transform your live show production with noticeable improvements.

Radio Broadcast

24 hours of music hits: AFROBEAT, R & B, GRIMMES, HIP HOP, GOSPELS, etc. Plus infotainment radio shows that will not only entertain you but also add value to your life.

Other Services
  • Sale of customize and general mix tape.
  • Mix CD downloads
  • Promotional service (radio advertisement, posters, fliers, cd covers)

We offer voice recording services, voice production, and can supply professional voice talent for Radio and TV advertising, corporate narration, and many more.


We offer a diverse range of services catering to your specific requirements, including voice-overs for: commercials, documentaries, audio books, internet, promos, industrial, multimedia, podcast, and radio programming. Whether you need voice-over for a fifteen second television advertisement, a one-hour documentary or a whole series of corporate videos, we can provide you with high quality service for your production.


Our studio is equipped with professional top end microphones and monitoring systems, as well as a full range of effects to give any soundtrack or voice-over recorded that dynamic edge. Coupled with our wide library of sound effects and loyalty free music, we offer complete voice-over production services, from recording voice, editing the audio, using effects and dynamics to sweeten the sound, to mixing it with a music bed and sound effects that bring your production to life.

Jingles & Video or Graphical Business Adverts

MTG STUDIO has a team of experienced marketing professionals and musicians raising the standard of production for radio, TV and online advertisers and voice-overs, something extra to boost any type of business recognition, sales and profits. Harness the persuasive power of commercial radio with MTG your Business or product name can become known to many thousands who regularly hear your jingle either on our radio or other media platform. We produce an outstanding voice talent commercial which gives the listener the clearest idea of your products or services.